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A UK weekend-long meeting for Tibetan Terrier owners and lovers to get together, have fun, and to raise very welcome funds for three UK TT Rescues, including Independent Tibetan Terrier Rescue
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Tibetan Terrier Jamboree 2021

Fingers Crossed for Jamboree 2021 !

In May 2019 a UK weekend-long meeting was held - an opportunity for Tibetan Terrier owners and lovers to get together, have fun, and to raise very welcome funds for three UK TT Rescues, including Independent Tibetan Terrier Rescue

The first ever Jamboree in 2019 raised a massive amount that has been split between the three rescues : Independent, TTA and TTBOC. We are extremely grateful to everyone who attended to support the weekend, and particularly to the organisers

An amazing amount of money was raised for the three rescues

Click here to check out the Jamboree website

Lots more photos on the TT Jamboree Facebook page, go and look!

THANK YOU, Sharanne Wilkes, Diane Harker and Mandy Alden for a full year of hard work, and to their partners who suffered through it all too!

and to all the lovely people who donated some very impressive items for the auction and raffle - and everyone who brought a stall to make it a great event

We had a fabulous weekend at the Jamboree.  We had Stanhope Showground to ourselves, loads of people camped or brought their motorhomes for the weekend.  There were stalls, food, ice cream, even a Prosecco van!  Evening entertainment in the clubhouse.  TT races, treasure hunt, shows and competitions ... so much going on but best of all LOADS of TTs and their families.  There was some amazing merchandise on sale and also in the auction and the raffle, lots of bespoke handcrafted stuff, things that are real conversation pieces one you get home.  There had been a number of UK dog friendly holidays donated to and these were auctioned - a big bargain for some lucky people and a great boost to the funds raised.  It was all about raising money for three charities, Independent Tibetan Terrier Rescue and the TTA and TTBOC rescues.  It was just a nice weekend in a lovely location and the dogs and people had a blast.  

Keep your eyes open for an announcement of the date and venue for the 2020 Jamboree!

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