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Independent Tibetan Terrier Rescue
Tibetan Terrier Rescue for dogs who need a new home.
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Frequently asked questions about offering a home for a rescue tibetan terrier
Tibetan Terrier Jamboree 2021 NEW DATE: NOW JULY 9TH TO 11TH !!
A UK weekend-long meeting for Tibetan Terrier owners and lovers to get together, have fun, and to raise very welcome funds for three UK TT Rescues, including Independent Tibetan Terrier Rescue
Dogs Rehomed Recently
Here are pictures of just some of the dogs we successfully rehomed during September
More Pics of Dogs Homed Recently
We know how much you like to see photos of the dogs we rehome, so here are some of the more recent ones
Rescue Dogs Photos
Pictures of some of the dogs that we have homed
Bumo - my Story
Girl homed in 2008 - Calendar Star of June 09
Autumn - More puppy pictures!
More pictures of recent re-homed dogs
2010: A Deaf Puppy - Skye's Story
Skye found her forever home with a great family, read a little about her here
Gallery - Rescue Dogs photos
Pictures of previously re-homed dogs
Typical Tibetan Terrier
Training & Agility
These dogs love attention and love showing off. Look at these photos.
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fill in and submit this form with as much info as possible so that we can consider you as a potential home when a dog is available.
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Help us help more Tibetan Terriers into their forever home by making a donation or supporting the shops that donate to us with each sale
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Apply to Rescue a TT

Listed below is the basic information we need to begin the process of considering you as a new home for a dog.
However, the more info you give us, the better the chance of our picking your family out as being the best match for one of our dogs, so please feel free to  add anything you can - about your previous dogs, what you need from your new companion, what you can offer to him.

If you just say a couple of sentences and then never contact us again, chances are we'll skip over your details in favour of someone we know more about! 

I would suggest, for ease, that you cut and paste the questions below into your email, and then answer them. 

Your name, address inc postcode

Your phone number, landline and mobile

Your email address

Info on any current pets, either that live with you or visit regularly, and their temperament with other dogs

Whether  you have young children, or children visiting

What experience do you have with Tibetan Terriers?

Why have you decided that it's a TT that you want?

Do you have a garden, is it completely secure?

How many hours a day/week do you work?

Where would the dog tend to sleep?

What are you looking for? Boy/girl? Age limit? 

Anything else you can think of to tell us why you think you would like to be owned by a Tibetan Terrier.

Our email address is

Click here to email us now

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