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Girl homed in 2008 - Calendar Star of June 09
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Independent Tibetan Terrier Rescue

You should be aware that we do NOT have a 'rescue centre' as such, and it's rarely possible for you to meet the dog before you make a decision. We will give you as much information about the dog as we have so that you can consider whether you are right for each other. If you do decide to offer the dog a home, we will either arrange to bring him/her to your house if geography allows, or if there is a huge distance between the dog's current home and yours we will arrange a suitable spot to meet you and hand over the dog, once all other arrangements are in place.


Val is generally available most of the day between 10 and 6 to take calls about Welfare and Rescue on 01594 562 402. She is based near Gloucester. Sue and Michelle are based in North Wales and can be contacted on 01248 680392

Your responsibility to check !!!

* * * * * * *

All 4 of these dogs are rescues!

Today, December 30th 2010, we received the picture above, along with the email copied below :-

Hi, this photo taken this spring of our 4 rescued TTs is so great, we wondered if you would want to put it on the website.

From left to right: BOB (rescued 1999), BOO (deaf puppy rescued 2008 from Ros), WINNIE (rescued with Bob in 1999), STANLEY (rescued from Val/Peter 2009)

Deborah & Chris

Many thanks to everyone who has sent us photos & donations during the year. We do love to hear how 'our' dogs are getting along in their new homes, and if you have good photos, we will always find some space for them on the website!

* * * * * * *

Every penny of all donations go to helping find the dogs the right home, and ensuring that they are healthy whilst in our care to give them the best possible start with their new family.

PLEASE try to call us between the hours of 9.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday, unless it's an emergency! We all have other commitments too and are currently taking a large number of fairly long phone calls late in the evening and over the weekends. Thanks very much for your co-operation on this.

When you complete and return your form or give us your information, PLEASE try to give us a landline phone number. We all have packages that allow us free calls to landlines, but calling mobiles is another matter, as sometimes we have to ask for, or give you, quite a lot of information. I will call a mobile number only as a last resort! Thanks very much.


Please note that we rarely have puppies available. Puppies tend to be bred for sale! The only time we have puppies for rehoming is when there is a problem which makes them unsaleable, eg deafness, hernia.

If your heart is really set on a puppy, you should consider buying one from a reputable breeder. Most of our dogs are at least 12 months old, please bear this in mind.

Click here to email us now:

If you are contacting us via email PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include your phone number and tell us what area of the country you live in !

A confidential service dedicated to re-homing Tibetan Terriers :

A service run by people who love Tibetan Terriers to ensure that all these dogs have a good & loving home.

We at INDEPENDENT TIBETAN TERRIER RESCUE are here to help: whether you are looking for a new addition to your family & can offer a good home, or if you need advice on caring for your tibetan, or finding him a new place to live.

Rescue dogs usually come to us through no fault of their own. He will be upset and confused at the change in his life, and will need your support & care to settle into his new home.

We are available to help and guide you as much as we possibly can.

Before you consider taking on a rescue dog, you need to be very sure that you can take care of him and offer him a permanent and loving home. It can take a little time for him to get used to you & your family, so be prepared for this.

Sometimes a dog comes to us needing a new home urgently, so on occasion the whole process has to be completed very quickly.

We re-home dogs of all ages. Some come from families, and some come to us via kennels or breeders. You will be given any information we have on the dog's past history if we have it.

Between us, we cover the whole of the UK. Be aware that we do check homes for suitability before a dog is allocated.

Responsibility !

Independent Tibetan Terrier Rescue do not take ownership of any of the dogs - we simply act as a conduit between the owner placing the dog up for adoption and the potential new home. In many cases we simply act as a delivery service, moving a dog from one area to another !

When a dog is being put into rescue we get as much info as possible from the owner and pass this onto the family looking to rescue a dog. They can then make their own decision based on this information, however it MUST be noted that we cannot verify what we are told and therefore have to take the owner's word for the current situation and the reasons for the dog being placed into rescue. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE NEW POTENTIAL FAMILY to assess this and to make their decision. We cannot ever offer any guarantees as to the dog's suitability nor temperament, as quite obviously we do not know the dogs from personal experience.

We will always try to help out or remove the dog immediately if you do find you have problems, simply contact us.

We appreciate everyone that has offered us their support in setting up this very needed Rescue service.

We need people who can help us out - with local home checks, fundraising, transporting of dogs from one home to another... ANY help you can offer us will be gratefully accepted. We always need people to help out by offering to transport dogs around within their own area as needed. Can you help?

poor Dooby sleeping in a cardboard box

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