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Dogs Rehomed Recently
Here are pictures of just some of the dogs we successfully rehomed during September
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We know how much you like to see photos of the dogs we rehome, so here are some of the more recent ones
Rescue Dogs Photos
Pictures of some of the dogs that we have homed
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Girl homed in 2008 - Calendar Star of June 09
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More pictures of recent re-homed dogs
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Rescue Dogs Photos

Tallulah - homed at Christmas 07

Tallulah : what a Christmas present! This absolutely gorgeous young girl went to her new home near Manchester between Christmas and New Year

Tallulah on New Year's Day 08

and here's Tallulah on New Year's Day. She's settled very well into her new home !

A TT without a Tail !!

Theo was rehomed by us in Jan 2008. Just under a year old, the poor boy is without the famous Tibetan Terrier Tail. But he didn't seem to be missing it! He's gone to a lovely new home in Wales. We met him again recently, Sept 2016, such a happy boy!

Theo - A TT without a Tail !

Dooby checks out Theo, where's his tail?

Madges - A magic little girl

Madges Jan 08

Madges also came to live in Wales - aren't we lucky? A gorgeous girl with beautiful colouring.

Madges Jan 08

Basil, Blaze & Licorice below

Basil & his new owner

This is the moment where Basil and his new owner meet for the first time. He's a lovely boy with amazing colouring.

Blaze & Licorice waiting for Blaze's new owners

.. and now Blaze's new owner has arrived. She was over the moon when she saw him for the first time. He's a striking good-looking boy. Poor little black Licorice had no-one picking her up, so she had to come home with me!

BELOW: Ruby Tuesday has gone to live in the North with her new owner...

Ruby - Fun on the Beach

Ruby & her new best friend, Freya. Lucky girls, both of them!

Below - 2 photos - shows Bertie (aka BB) rehomed to Shropshire shown here in the car and meeting his new mum for the first time!

Bertie (BB) rehomed to Shropshire in March 08

Bertie (BB) and his new mum meet for the first time!

Below you can see Guinness: now happily in her new home in Warrington. She's a precious, happy little girl.

And below, 3 months later, Guinness is joined by her new buddy, Mackeson who has come to share her home and keep her company.

Also in this picture is Lexy, also being rehomed today. Lexy went to live with a fantastic lady in Beddgelert, North Wales.

Guinness & Mackeson

Guinness & Mackeson

Pasha and Buffy in July 2008

Pasha above was rehomed by us just a year ago, in July. One year ago, he is joined by a new friend, Buffy.

This 12 week old boy below hadn't even been named. We soon started to call him Trouble!

Here comes Trouble 23/10/08

Little Trouble (his new owners have called him Ernie) and Molly were rehomed on the same day in Autumn last year

Ernie went to a great home on the Wirral, Molly is now with her new friend Tommy in North Wales. Molly will have lovely colouring when her coat regrows.

Trouble & Molly

Below is Britney, now called Ellie, who was rehomed to the Wirral in October 08. This is very common colouring for the TTs we have had in recently.

Britney, now Ellie

The hunk below is Twiglet, rehomed to Holyhead last October. One of the most unusual colourings we've seen.


Molly waiting for her new mum, with Dooby & Sasha

Bailey, Sept 2008

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